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Robyn pracuje na novém albu, spolupracuje se Snoop Doggem! (?)

Podle magazínu Daily Star Robyn pracuje na písních pro nové abum.

Robyn prozradila že se nedávno vrátila z LA kde pracovala na písních pro nové album a spolupracovala se Snoop Doggem!

Celý článek si můžete přečíst zde Daily Star : Sweet Swede Music.

She added: “I’ve just come back from LA where I was recording something for my next album with Snoop Dogg.
“He asked to work with me after I sang on the remix of his song Sensual Seduction.
“It was exciting because he’s one of my big heroes and he really put a lot of care and attention into the tracks we did.
It wasn’t at all impersonal or: ‘Let’s go in the studio and get this done.’ We wrote together.”
Fans can expect the unexpected from the duet.
Robyn revealed: “We’re both rapping on it.

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